Image of an Ultimax Brake Pad

Yellowstuff – 4000 “R” Series – Full Race Pad


Ultra High Friction Pads for Race, Trackday and Street Use.

Yellowstuff is an aramid fibre based brake compound with high brake effect form cold and is possibly one of the first ever compounds that can be used for STREET AND TRACK DRIVING. These pads do not require warm up but do get even stronger under the heat of hard driving. These are not a low dust pad and if your desire is for a low dust premium street use pad, you should consider Redstuff. Yellowstuff is currently produced in two compound versions – DM1846 and DM1793, both of which have been used with some success in racing. HOWEVER, for standard OEM brakes, as fitted to your car, there is no doubt that the DM1793 is getting better feedback, as it is slightly harder, slightly longer lasting and more appropriate for track day driving.

When considering full race use, DM1793 has also been a strong favourite, having been used for two years in the Swedish Camaro Cup and at numerous other race events where a stock caliper system is fitted. If using a high efficiency aftermarket race calipers with 4, 6 or 8 piston set ups, the sheer efficiency might allow the use of 1846 compound. DM1846 is currently the choice of the majority of GT3 drivers which are pretty serious competitors.

If you have any doubts about which compound to choose for your street and track combination pad, go for the 1793.

Truck and SUV Performance Brakes

Ultra high friction brake pads for US built trucks and 4×4 vehicles.

If you want improved stopping power with just a pad change, this is the perfect pad choice. This refined version of the famous Yellowstuff race formulation is now available in pad designs to fit popular American trucks/pick-ups and many Asian and European built 4x4s. This fast growing market for improved horsepower trucks and oversize wheel conversions has thrown up a black hole requiring a performance pad to fit these makes and models that will stop even the fastest driver in a heartbeat. Average friction coefficient 0.5 with similar dust to original pads and the dust is the same or perhaps slightly more than many original pads, this is NOT a low dust pad.

Stretched limos is another superb application for this material. Brakes is now supplying this compound for stretched F250s, stretched Excursions, stretched Hummers which are subjec to a PSV (public service vehicle) test. Vehicles which failed the PSV test with standard brakes passed the test quoting a 20% brake improvement when using this material.

Yellowstuff performance range is a high friction aramid fiber pad, totally resistant to brake rotor vibration, and easy on rotors.