Brake Selector Chart
Driving Style
Best Pads
Best Rotors
Normal urban driving, school-run or commuter on car, truck or SUV.
Spirited street use on sport compact or import sedan (Hot Hatch).
Faster street use on muscle cars (slight rotor wind noise acceptable).
Low dust street use on prestige imports (silent braking required).
All forms of race use, trackday, time trials and drifting in any size or weight of car (on or off road).
Truck, 4×4 and SUV modest brake upgrade.
Truck, 4×4 and SUV maximum stopping for towing and loads etc.
Truck, 4×4 and SUV modest brake upgrade with lowest dust.

Image of vanbrake carbon high mileage LCV brakes
Vanbrake Carbon High Mileage LCV Brakes

Image of OEM Replacement Brake Pad
Ultimax OEM
Replacement Brakes

Image of Green Stuff Brake Pad
Greenstuff Roadsport
Replacement Brakes
(Read Race Warranty Below)

Image of Redstuff Brake Pad
Redstuff Superstreet
Replacement Brakes
(Read Race Warranty Below)

Image of Yellowstuff Brake Pad
Yellowstuff Ultra High
Friction Track & Street
Replacement Brakes
(Read Race Warranty Below)

Image of Bluestuff Brake Pad
Bluestuff Endurance Grade
Brakes for Track Use Only
(Read Race Warranty Below)

Image of Brake Pad Texture
What is Brake-In?

This is a mild abrasive red coloured coating applied to the surface of the pads. It helps to reduce bed-in time significantly and lightly scrubs the brake disc after new pad installation. THE BIG REASON why we use this at Pemberton Tyres on our pads is because our discs are zinc coated. Brake-In coating removes the zinc in a few miles allowing optimum braking to be achieved faster.

Image of Car Brake Rotors
OEM Replacement and
Sport Brake Rotors